Not Quite Hollywood - Film Availability List

Title Director Year Availability
A Dangerous Summer
Quentin Masters 1981
The Abc Of Love & Sex - Australia Style
John D. Lamond 1978
The Adventures Of Barry Mckenzie
Bruce Beresford 1972
Alison's Birthday
Ian Coughlan 1979
Alvin Purple
Tim Burstall 1973
Alvin Rides Again
Tim Burstall 1974
Australia After Dark
John D. Lamond 1974
Barry Mckenzie Holds His Own
Bruce Beresford 1974
Black Water
David Nerlich/Andrew Traucki 2007
Alec Mills 1990
Bmx Bandits
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1983
Breakfast In Paris
John D. Lamond 1981
Terry Bourke 1982
Donald Crombie 1976
The Cars That Ate Paris
Peter Weir 1974
Tony Paterson 1982
The Chain Reaction
Ian Barry 1980
The Chant Of Jimmy Blacksmith
Fred Scepsi 1978
Mark Egerton 1982
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1989
Dark Age
Arch Nicholson 1987
Dead Kids
Michael Lauglin 1981
Dead-End Drive-In
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1986
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1976
Don's Party
Bruce Beresford 1976
Eliza Fraser
Tim Burstall 1976
Tim Burstall 1976
Fair Game
Mario Andreaacchio 1986
Richard Franklin 1976
Fantasm Comes Again
Colin Eggleston 1977
John D. Lamond 1979
The Getting Of Wisdom
Bruce Beresford 1978
Ground Zero
Bruce Myles/Michael Patterson 1987
Simon Wincer 1980
High Rolling
Izor Auzins 1977
Claude Whatham 1981
Frank Sheilds 1983
Philippe Mora 1987
Inn Of The Damned
Terry Bourke 1975
Kill Bill - Volume One
Quentin Tarantino 2003
Kung Fu Killers
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1974 ?
Lady Stay Dead
Terry Bourke 1981
Long Weekend (1978)
Colin Eggleston 1981
Long Weekend (2008)
Jamie Blanks 2008
The Love Epidemic
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1976 ?
Mad Dog Morgan
Philippe Mora 1976
Mad Max
George Miller 1979
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1975
The Mango Tree
Kevin James Dobson 1977
Melvin - Son Of Alvin
John Eastway 1984
Midnite Spares
Quentin Masters 1983
The Naked Bunyip
John B. Murray 1970
Next Of Kin
Terry Williams 1982
Night Of Fear
Terry Bourke 1972
Number 96 - The Movie
Peter Bernados 1974
Pacific Banana
John D. Lamond 1981
Richard Franklin 1978
Tim Burstall 1974
Picnic At Hanging Rock
Peter Weir 1975
Terry Bourke 1975 ?
Race For The Yankee Zephyr
David Hemmings 1981
Russel Mulcahy 1984
The Return Of Captain Invincible
Philippe Mora 1983
Richard Franklin 1981
Greg Mclean 2007
Run Chrissie Run!
Chris Langman 1980 ?
Running From The Guns
John Diyan 1987
Running On Empty
John Clark 1982
James Wan 2004
Scobie Malone
Terry Ohlsson 1975 ?
Sky Pirates
Colin Eggleston 1986
Simon Wincer 1979
Sandy Harbutt 1974
Tim Burstall 1971
Storm Warning
Jamie Blanks 2007
The Stunt Men
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1976 ?
Stunt Rock
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1978
The Survivor
David Hemmings 1981
Rod Hardy 1979
To Shoot A Mad Dog
David Elfick 1976 ?
The True Story Of Eskimo Nell
Richard Franklin 1975
Brian Trenchard-Smith 1982
Michael Speirg/Peter Speirg 2003
Wake In Fright
Ted Kotcheff 1971
Wolf Creek
Greg Mclean 2005

Umbrella Entertainment sent me a list of films available from the documentary that they are distributing.

I have tried to find the DVD version of each film, but some are not available and never will be. If it is a new VHS copy it should be OK.

I will be updating this page as the films are released on DVD.

If you know of where I can source the missing films, please let me know.

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