Howling III: The Marsupials (1987)

Director: Philippe Mora

Starring: Barry Otto, Imogen Annesley, Max Fairchild, Ralph Cotterill, Michael Pate, Frank Thring, Leigh Biolos, Barry Humphries, Burnham Burnham, Bill Collins

Tagline: Even better than how I remember seeing the preview

Cheers to Max Fairchild, who turned up at the ACMI screening and upon seeing I was the only person at the screening said “I’m glad that I booked!”

I remember seeing a preview for this movie dozens of times on other movies on VHS from around the same time, but I had never managed to see it. I have since learned it is a favourite for a lot of people due to its over the top silliness and I have found someone's favourite bits from the movie on Youtube -

Yes, this movie is very silly, but I still thought it had a good story and lots of funny things in every scene including background music that was in on the joke. It also has a triple-movie parody at one point ‘It Came From Uranus’, the best title ever for a movie.

The cameos are also great in this movie and some people seem to be making their lines up as they go along, which is great. For people from overseas who are scratching their heads, there are some famous Australia movie people in roles are the highlight of the movie.

A special recognition goes to Burnham Burnham as Kendi. He was only in two other movies apart from this one. Even though he is not in the whole movie, he manages to steal every scene he is in and is totally the opposite of the usual wise man role in that he does not speak in riddles and is very down to earth. Someone even made a tribute video of him in this movie

I also liked the part of the storyline they pinched from Bliss, where Barry Otto gets to play another Harry Joy type character. There are a lot of endings in this movie and I also liked the awards ceremony, a cheeky scene that reminded me of similar scenes that have appeared in Stephen Chow movies.

This movie is also very suitable for using in a drinking game as there are many scenes and events that are just so over the top. I wish they could have used the laser-beam beep transition more though.

Rating: 8/10

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