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I have always been a fan of Australian movies, some of the first films I saw were from Australia as our family didn't get a VHS machine until 1988, but we rented one and heaps of tapes from the local milk bar and a big library in the next town. During the 1990s I must have seen pretty much every older release in the $3 weekly section (apart from the R18+ ones as I was too young.)

While I do acknowledge that once I moved out on my own I had a big interest in movies from overseas, especially those from Hong Kong, I do still remember the films I saw growing up fondly and wanted to see them again. It is getting harder to though as the original tapes from the stores have either been destroyed by going through too many dirty machines or have been sold off for $1 or cheaper as the DVD took hold.

I was the reviewer for Fitzroy Shorts from 2004 to 2007 and saw hundreds of short films, so I know the quality is there. I am looking forward to seeing if any of the directors from the shorts come up with any exciting features. I don't have anywhere to host my old short film reviews now the site is no longer running, so I will host them on this site.

Also weird shorts from TV or random pieces of Australian pop culture that I find interesting will also find a home here. I hope you like them and I look forward to working on this site more in the future.

Tim Chmielewski, 29th August 2008


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