Crikey, there's a tractor on the farm (1983)

Director: Robert Grant
Starring: Maurie Fields, Simon Thorpe

Tagline: "You have to tell a monkey what a banana's for?"

In this tractor safety film we follow the adventures of Dad (Maurie Fields) and Dave (Simon Thorpe) as they get their new tractor and learn how to use it. Dave has been away to a tractor safety course and is having trouble getting Dad to take his advice seriously - "Where's the clothes rack?" Dad cracks at one point. After a lot of coaxing, he eventually gets the message and they enjoy their new tractor.

This film is really great! I was on a tractor jag last week so I decided to borrow a whole heap of tractor related movies from the ACMI lending library and this movie was at the top of my list.

Where else can you hear such soliloquies as:
"Protector frames are a proven method of reducing deaths and injuries resulting from roll-over accidents."
"You're not going to scare me off my own tractor!"
"You know that nippers and tractors mean trouble!"
"Why are you carrying on like a pork chop for?"
and the serious, but still humorously delivered:
"In fact, tractors are unstable under many of the conditions which they have to operate. So be bloody careful!"

I would recommend this safety film even if you are not that into tractors ad Maurie Fields is really great in it and steals the show. The production company, Comedia, also made a few other short films during the 80s that I will have to have a look at.

Rating: 8/10

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