Woody’s Roller World

Director: Lucy Goldthorpe

Tagline: It’s a roller disco!

Woody runs a run-down roller rink that keeps getting confused with a supplier of roller ink, causing him no end in frustration. His only company during the day are his dog, Daisy, who sniffs the roller skates and a rat that has made a nest in them.

Saturday morning is the busiest time at the roller rink with Mums bringing their kids in to practise. It is revealed that most of the kids don’t really like Woody as they think he is a loser. He is also training two young girls a roller dance duo, but they don’t seem to be that enthusiastic about the big competition coming up.

The actor playing the main role looked familiar and I remember seeing him before in minor roles on film and TV. He seems to play these sort of characters frequently so he was well chosen in this role.

I liked this movie as it told the story within the confines of the roller rink and had a great central character. You sort of feel sorry for him, but everything works out in the end even though nothing out of the ordinary happens.

What also makes this film great are the small touches. Things like showing two kids eating pies in a totally different way and the song at the end with people skating around and making the silly ‘sad face’ in time to the music really made it special.

I though the music was also great as it matched what was on screen perfectly and the ending music was the best for the reason I explained above.

Rating: 8/10

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