Director: Daniel C Miller

Tagline: The old ‘movie about a movie’ story

This short follows a film crew who have 24 hour to make a short for a film festival.

The title refers to it being a movie about a movie and also that they are poking fun at the fact they are poking fun at themselves.

It is hot in a fly-on-the-wall ‘mockumentary’ style and also has the short the crew actually completed at the end of the movie.

Team Atari (the fictitious film crew), is great in the movie. The director is the usual arty wanker, the producer is an irresponsible coke fiend and the grip seems to be the only person with his feet on the ground and is a bit of a dag.

You would probably get more out of this movie if you have worked in a creative team, but it is still very funny to watch if you haven’t.

I liked how it made fun of the many short film festivals that make contributors include some arbitrary object in the hope of getting an original submission for their festival.

While this is good in theory, in practise it would be quite easy to shoot a pick-up or two and include it in post-production.

I also enjoyed the final movie they showed that was meant to be the outcome of their 24 hours work. It was just what you would expect from the stereotypical ‘arty’ type film.

Rating: 8/10

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