Two Minutes to Midnight

Director: Charlotte George

Tagline: Stop making movies about movies! Aaaargh!

In this story two video store employees Dave and Clare talk in a quiet time in the store. We find out Dave is a daggy fan of the French movie ‘Breathless’ and Clare is just about to finish her job so she can work on a research vessel.

Over the course of the story we find out Dave is attracted to Clare, but he doesn’t know how to tell her. We he be able to work up the courage, or will it just remain something he dreams about?

While the characters and situations in this short all worked well, the way it was filmed made it more distant, making it hard to relate to the characters at times.

Also the ‘movie about a movie’ angle has been overplayed in many other films and it shows a lack of originality if someone thinks they are doing something new with this.

Despite this, there were still some funny lines and also an amusing cameo by comedian Charlie Pickering to liven things up. Overall this short comes across as quite reasonable.

Rating: 7/10

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