Director: Michael Lunas

Tagline: Trapped in car hell, and loving it

When a woman stuck in traffic tries to take a short cut down a back alley, she finds a man who is trying to do the same thing. He has been stuck there for hours trying to make a turn onto a busy road. The traffic is so bad that they end up living in their cars in the alley and making their lives there.

This was a very funny and unusual short. It reminded me of the ‘hail to the bus driver’ episode of the Simpsons and also an old Looney Tunes cartoon where a man ends up opening a hot dog stand as he couldn’t get off the highway.

Of course it is very exaggerated, but I liked the message that people can survive anywhere under the most trying conditions. In this case they not only survive, but thrive and have a very happy life.

Most of the short looks like it was shot on location in the alley, with only the last scene that looks like a set. It reminded me of seeing production vans for other films parked around the city in back alleys, which is a common sight these days.

I highly recommend this short if you get the chance to see it and commuters will also find it funny (especially if you don’t drive to work.)

Rating: 8/10

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