Dir: Craig Boreham

Tagline: A reminisce on the nature of relationships

In this short a man remembers a failed relationship with a man he met on holiday in Vietnam (he reminded me of Ian Thorpe for some reason), and how it didn’t work out once they got back to their normal lives in Sydney.

Even though the story is about a gay couple, it really can apply to anyone who is in a relationship or those who are wondering what it would be like to ever get that privilege.

For once the home video footage did not seem annoying. The scenes in which it featured were very warm and earthy and were a perfect reflection of the main character’s nostalgia for the time when he had a ‘perfect’ relationship.

One scene also appeared to have been filmed in the same food court in Sydney’s Chinatown that houses the restaurant ‘Happy Chef’ – damn I miss that Laksa!

Even though it covered the same ground as many other shorts, I thought this film still managed to get its message across very effectively.

Rating: 8/10

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