Director: Madeline Hetherton

Tagline: A relationship expressed in dance

In this short a man walks through an empty house, remembering a failed relationship that occurred while he was living there. The difference here is that the story is told through dance.

As you would expect, at the beginning of the relationship the dancing is very warm, cheeky and sensual. Once things start going wrong, the dancing becomes more dramatic and violent. The scene in the kitchen demonstrates this well as the main character is stuck in the present as an observer and can’t do anything about it.

The routine shown in the movie was originally performed on stage and I think it is particularly well adapted here. The performers interact with the environment well and it is a change from seeing it set in the usual setting for dance routines.

It’s a pity more mainstream movies don’t have dance sequences in them. As this short shows, they really add something to a movie you can’t get any other way.

Rating: 8/10

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