Thorns (2004)

Dir: Toby Anguin

Tagline: A prickly issue of teenage angst…

One day a young girl wakes up to find she has thorns growing out of her fingertips. Even if she cuts the thorns off, they have grown back when she wakes up.

Several years later she is a shy teenager and scared to go near other people because of what she sees as a deformity. However, she is lucky that someone still likes her and it all turns out alright.

This was a strange short in that it is very arty as you would expect, but there are also some very serious underlying themes. Things such as self-mutilation and social isolation are important issues and they are shown in a very original way here that will help people understand people who have the same problems in real life.

I thought the soundtrack worked well as the music was in a classical style with lots of violins and there was no dialog so you concentrated on the sound effects such as the snip of the scissors and paddling in the water.

Everything else about the short was very well done and up to the high standard of shorts I have come to expect and is better for it.

What was best about this short was the idea behind it was interesting and the short was long enough to convey the story, but it didn’t drag on.

Rating: 7/10

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