Mo er ten ying xiang (This is Melbourne...WOW)

Directors: Colin & Cameron Cairnes

Tagline: “So, if nothing better to do, why not come to Melbourne?”

This short starts out as a normal promotional film, but it soon becomes clear that is has been subverted and it is quite out of the ordinary.

For starters, the narration is in Chinese and the subtitles are really badly translated.

I have seen plenty of badly translated subtitles in my time, but it would be very difficult to deliberately set out to do it without you brain screaming at you to fix it.

This made it much funnier for me and I am sure the people sitting at the table wondered why I thought it was so funny.

Also, the ‘attractions’ covered are hardly what you would call glamorous.

Just about every boring and innocuous place in Melbourne you could think of is covered, along with some very bland murals and business advertising.

It would have been very difficult for the actors playing the ‘visitors’ to keep a straight face during filming. They do a very good job and it comes across as very believable.

I also liked the opening titles with the overblown production company ID and the colour-bars (which got a cheer from the people behind me.) This would be a great film to burn onto a VCD and to sneak into a tourism convention, ‘Yes Men’ style (not that I would encourage that of course…)

Rating: 10/10

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