The Twelve Months (2004)

Director: Jonathan Nix

Tagline: A Russian Cinderella story…

Based on a traditional folk story from Russia, this short has a similar storyline to Cinderella, but with some important differences.

Katinka is forced to do all the work for her wicked step-mother and step-sister.

They also try to give her bad luck by means of witchcraft to varying results.

One day they send Katinka into the mountains where she meets ‘The Giant’ who has a calendar for a head for some strange reason. They become friends and he helps Katinka. Her demanding relations want more each time she returns, so you just know what is eventually going to happen.

I enjoyed how this short mixed a simple drawing style with 3D computer animation for some elements. What I liked about it was the computer animation was not overdone and was used to bring a little extra something to the story.

I thought the characters were great. Katinka is down-trodden heroine you would expect, but the evil characters were really old style bad that you find in the old kid’s fairy tales which was excellent to watch. The Giant was a bit of an enigma as he didn’t really have a reason to help Kantinka in the first place.

Despite this, I really enjoyed this movie as it goes the way you want it to and the style was really great.

Rating: 8/10

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