The Jacket

Director: Louis Pratt

Tagline: You silly old bugger!

I was looking forward to seeing this short as it starts Bob Hawke who is great actor if his time as Prime Minister is anything to go by (one of my friends said "Oscar Winning" but I am not that mean.) I also remember that time in the early 80s clearly as I was still in Primary School.

At the beginning of the story, we see a young boy getting just in time to catch the Australia 2 crossing the finish line to win the 1983 America's Cup. I enjoyed this scene as I remember doing the same thing and remember watching the news that day and seeing Bob Hawk's famous line - "any boss who sacks someone for not turning up to work today is a bum!"

Cut to the boy who is now in his twenties and he is obsessed with Bob Hawke and in particular the jacket he was wearing on the day of the cup victory. I liked the various Bob Hawke memorabilia and the man trying to break the famous Oxford drinking record (I think it still stands to this day.)

After a short aside with a bevy of beauties in hotpants singing Christmas carols, the man sets of on a mission disguised as skateboarding Santa. His plan is to steal the jacket before it can be auctioned, but will this audacious plan succeed?

Why does this part remind me of the Bean movie? Will we get to see Bob Hawke?

I'll let you find out for yourself.

This movie is very funny, but strange at the same time. Everything about the movie is heavily comedic ally stylised, but it all works together quite well. The lighting also adds to this as it is very stark and unrealistic.

Although it is disappointing that Bob Hawke is not the main star of the movie, his role defines the movie and it is best that what he actually does remains a surprise.

This is one short that I would be interested in hearing the story behind it.

There are some behind the scenes clips in the credits (with Bob Hawke's birthday), but it must have taken a lot of negotiation to get him to agree to appear in the movie.

The only thing that really didn't work in the movie where the Christmas carollers. I suspect they were included to sweeten the deal with Bob, the lucky old bugger.

I highly recommend this short film and hopefully it will be seen by many people who don't normally take an interest in this sort of thing due to who is in it.

Rating: 8/10

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