The Cypriot

Director: Vincent Taylor

Tagline: Where do we go now, but nowhere…

Set in a cheap hotel room with an old fashioned electric fan whirring and a Greek TV game show blaring in the background, two lovers try to work out what went wrong in their relationship. They are all sweaty after physically exertion and it ads to the suffocating atmosphere of the room.

For no particular reason, the man has a pig’s head and the woman doesn’t seem to care either way. It was funny hearing people in the audience complain about this

non sequitur.

Although the tense atmosphere generated between the two characters with their long silences and awkward hotel was good, the story didn’t seem to go anywhere and I couldn’t get involved with it.

It is not a bad movie by the standards you would normally think of. It just raises too many questions without answering them and doesn’t seem to have much point to it.

Rating: 6/10

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