The Boy Who Feeds Cats (2004)

Director: Craig Brookes

Tagline: Life goes on no matter what happens

Set in the inner suburbs where people don’t talk to each other, this animation aims to show the secrets of a community and how people have very interesting stories you almost never hear about.

The animation was quite good, with subdued pastel colours, good use of light and shade, slightly wobbly colour borders rather than the traditional black lines and great character designs.

While the main story focuses on a young boy who thinks his mother turned into a cat, I liked the other characters of the former strongman, the old school teacher, the elderly poker players and the cold aunty.

I recognised the narrator’s voice from some documentaries and animation that has screened on ABC TV. I thought she does very well in this story as the characters themselves don’t say much so there needs to be someone to explain things.

This story will no doubt turn up on the ABC on a Sunday afternoon or Eat Carpet on SBS and I would highly recommend it if you get to see it.

Rating: 8/10

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