Street Hero (1984)

Street Hero DVDDirector: Michael Patterson
Starring: Vince Colosimo, Sigrid Thorton, Bill Hunter, Sandy Gore

Tagline: Come on! It's not that bad!

Although Vince Colosimo or Sigrid Thorton are sure to wince these days if you mention this movie when talking to them, I think it still holds up as a representative of the film making of the era.

I found this film in the now closed (to people not in film clubs) ACMI lending collection when I was doing one of my themed movie searches. No, I will not tell you what I was searching for!

Yes, the story is very predictable with Vinnie (Vince Colosimo) being the tough kid with the heart of gold and Gloria (Sigrid Thorton) in her raspberry beret, the kind she bought at a second-hand store. Bonnie (Sandy Gore) is the music teacher who can see the potential in Vinnie and wants the best for him.

Supporting Vince is his sleeveless red leather jacket, which he wears for most of the movie. I once suggested someone go as Vinnie from Street Hero to an 80s party, but it was too obscure.

There is a lot of music featured in this film as it is about a school band and I believe the soundtrack was a big hit when it was released.

The commentary on the new DVD is great also, although Michael Patterson and Vince Colosimo are a bit too harsh on the movie. Of course you are going to think less of something that you did 20 years ago. The commentary was entertaining and I enjoyed finding out things about the movie and one particular piece of information that tends to flummox people when I mention it (not telling!)

I would recommend this movie if you are into 80s music, classic Australian movies or want to see something for a laugh. I do not know why it was not featured in Not Quite Hollywood as it would have fit in quite well with the genre I thought.

Rating: 8/10

Bonus Scenes!

DVD Title
Movie Title
Vinnie and friend
Every high school movie ever
Nasty school teacher
The Black Prince hard at work
Run towards the giant head!
Scary police!


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