Director: Peter Templeman

Tagline: Sometimes you have to help your mates, no matter what happens.

Friends Gavin and Kane are robbing someone’s house when Kane is attacked by the owner and Gavin runs off. He could have helped him, but her was only thinking of himself at the time.

Later, in the visitor’s centre of the prison, you can sense Kane’s disappointment and anger towards Gavin. I like how the feelings shown are not expressed verbally, but you can feel it between the main characters in how they relate to each other.

In another visit, Gavin imagines what would have happened if he had helped his friend that day. Will he make it up to his friend or not?

The title of this short is a clever reference to not only the narrative style, but also the friendship of the main characters and what happens to a chair when you hit someone over the head with it.

I thought the settings and secondary characters were all very believable. This movie was also very popular with the audience of the screening I saw it in.

Rating: 8/10

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