Somewhere Near Kokoda

Director: Brad Haynes

Tagline: The story behind ‘Kokoda Front Line’

In this gritty and realistic drama, we follow a cameraman, who is filming the action in a situation quite similar to the famous ‘Kokoda Front Line’ and follow his experiences in the jungle of Papua New Guinea where Australian and Japanese soldiers were in close combat during World War II.

The man also reflects on his footage later back in Australia and consoles himself with the fact that it was ‘killed or be killed’ in the jungle.

I enjoyed this short as it was different from the usual subjects people choose to cover. Also it effectively managed to convey a war zone in a foreign location even though it was shot entirely in Australia.

The period costumes, weapons and locations were all great and really added to the story. The dialogue of the digger also seemed to be spot on given the situation.

As I do not have any experience in the same situation (and never want to), it is hard to say if the story is 100% accurate, but it comes close enough for me to recommend the story for those interested in war stories.

Rating: 8/10

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