Pure Shit (1976)

Director: Bert Deling
Starring: Garry Waddell, Anne Hetherington, Carol Porter, John Laurie, Max Gillies, Tim Robertson, Helen Garner, Phil Motherwell

Originally banned when it was released (and raided by the Vice Squad) in the 1970's, this movie follows four people over the course of one night when they try to score.

What I really enjoyed about this movie where the supposed supporting characters who kept stealing the show. Some of them were piss funny such as the Speed freak who kept cleaning her kitchen over and over and the two couple who were high on Coke (one of them met them at the door with a machine gun.) The scene at their house was one of the funniest as he was really hyper and one of the main characters couldn't deal with it (he was dragged into the pool by the man who was nude.)

Another good character was the philosophical cleaner who we only got to see for one scene. As were the drug dealers who came out to sell in their beefy GT Monaro.

Some people would compare this movie to Dogs in Space, but I think this one makes it look like a children's movie. If this film was released today it would still get an 'R' rating in Australia or refused classification due to the numerous injecting scenes and other drug use (just about the only drug not used in Marijuana.)

As the actors from the movie said in the introduction before the film, there have been only a couple of movies after this one in Australia that told such a strong story so realistically.

Rating: 8/10

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