Private Baby (2008)

The girls in action!Director: Leila Koren
Featuring the Diamond Dolls: Sugar Puss, Midnite Delite, Trolley Dolly and also Frankie Valentine, Dolores Daiquri, Sarah Lea Cheesecake

Tagline: Help! Evil Sarah-Lea Cheesecake! AIEEE!

This short documentary tells the story of Miss Sugar Puss and her life as a burlesque star in the Melbourne scene with a lovely framing fantasy sequence at the start and end.

I am going to have to put my hand up and say I do have a strong interest in the scene, having taken photos of some of the performers for over five years now. I still thought this was a great short and having the different scenes made it more than just talking heads in the interview.

Footage in the short was shot at an event I took photos at last year and I did spot myself in the crowd. There was also some extra footage shot in the dressing room I was not able to gain access to, which was nice to see.

There was a brief glimpse of the Sveta Dobranoch character, but she didn’t sing this time, you can’t give everything away at once.

I enjoyed the fantasy sequence featuring Sarah-Lea Cheesecake and two of the Diamond Dolls as it was an interesting way to end the film and saves from having to come up with something big and clever to say at the end to some it up.

Considering how dark some of the locations the footage was shot in were, I thought the visuals turned out great, especially the fantasy sequence.

Cheers to Leila and the girls and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Rating: 9/10

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