Pity 24 (2003)

Director: Amanda Kerley

Tagline: “The city is where the action is, it’s a pity its not here”

A young man named Stash dies in a car crash. His friends and family talk about him and how he came to be in this situation. These include his younger brother, three of his best friends and his girlfriend.

What I liked about this movie was that the setting of the late 1980s in Ringwood in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne seemed really accurate. Things like the cars and even the signs at the train station were all what you would expect for that period.

The other thing that stood out were the performances. Especially from Stash’s little brother as he was so hardcore. Stash’s other friends very realistic in how they acted pathetic, annoyed or dismissive.

Stash’s girlfriend was particularly realistic as her portrayal was both sad and sensitive.

Even though there are several other great characters in the movie, the girlfriend is what grounds the movie as she gives another side to Stash in the way she describes their relationship.

What also makes this movie stand out is the music involved. The bands mentioned by name and the music used on the soundtrack. They are all relevant to the era and really add the to the experience of the movie. I have even recommended this movie to a member of a current Melbourne punk band because of this.

Even though the audience thought quite a few things in this movie were funny, like Stash’s little brother being so over the top. By the end, this movie it turns out to be sad and thoughtful. You are really given an inside look at the banality of suburban life and the sense of inescapability that some of the young people feel.

Rating: 9/10

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