Out on the Tiles (2004)

Director: Alex Holmes

Tagline: Des gets a Mac

Maureen and Des live in a simple country house. The biggest excitement is generated when Des walks over the road to the post box without looking both ways (they live on a very quiet road.)

Des wants to play Scrabble, but he can’t see the tiles and Maureen doesn’t want to read them to him. Releasing that his dad doesn’t have much to do, his son sends him a computer as a present.

The next day he is on the internet playing Scrabble and likes it so much he doesn’t want to stop. Des soon makes friends with a player overseas and asks Maureen if she wants to go to New York. Of course you know what is going to happen, but it is fun to watch the story in the meantime.

I liked the titles of this movie as they were made of Scrabble tiles being pushed into place. I have seen it used a few times before but it suited the story here. Scrabble has been used in quite a few movies before, but usually on as the butt of a joke or in the one scene.

A short like this really depends on the performances of the main characters to succeed. I am happy to say the performances of both Des and Maureen are great.

While both actors did a fine job, my favourite was the actor who played Des.

He starts out as confused and not knowing what to do and then finds a direction in life.

The theme may have been covered in the media and other stories, but it was good to see it here in the context of the older internet user and something different to what most people imagine you would use the internet for.

The Mac enthusiasts amongst the audience will also enjoy the large amount of screen time that their machine gets. It is the half-dome version of the machine and I think it was presented very well.

I would recommend this movie if you like seeing interesting and realistic characters in funny situations.

Rating: 8/10

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