Numbo (2004)

Director: Michael Boland

Tagline: “Fuck off Skippy, ya wanker!”

Frank is a boiling ball of rage and his long-suffering girlfriend has had enough.

She takes her stuff and goes to live with ‘Tank’ over the other side of the caravan park, much to Frank’s outrage. What follows is Frank cracking up and running around the place trying to get back at her in an impotent rage. This culminates in an attempt on Tank’s life and a chase around the park.

While we don’t really have ‘trailer trash’ in Australia, there are still quite a few people who live in caravan parks. Having been on long trips to Western Australia and Queensland by caravan with my family when I was younger, I have seen quite a few caravan parks and they have captured the atmosphere of these places very well. From the kids playing to the domestics and the lack of privacy you have when you stay at park for a while.

Frank is played well, if a little exaggerated. The girlfriend seems fed up with everything and is also a good characterisation. Tank (who reminds me of Mick Thomas) is also pretty laid back in his role, which is great.

The music was very strange, but I thought it suited the style of the short.

While it was a good short, the actions of Frank made me uncomfortable watching it and I didn’t find it as funny as some people in the audience.

Rating: 7/10

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