Moustache (2004)

Director: Vicki Sugars

Tagline: I am Sancho !

This movie follows the story a housewife and a pesky moustache. She thinks her facial hair is ruining her love life. However, when she finally lets it go, everything turns out for the best in surprising ways.

I really liked the titles, which were made out of moving ants and matched the style of the movie really well. If you are interested in a font made of ants, ‘Antpile’ is cheap to download.

There only three characters in the movie – Betty, Stan and the concerned next-door neighbour , Val, they all play their roles very well and the performances stand by themselves. The moustache may not match up to that of the ‘World Beard and Moustache Champion’, but it has just as much character. It is probably for the best that it is not exaggerated.

The setting really adds to the experience of the movie. It also shows you can create a great story by concentrating the action in only a few locations and giving them character.

I thought the costumes were excellent also. My favourites were the suit Betty put on and Stan’s fez that he was wearing after coming home from his lodge meeting.

The special effects in this movie were great. Everyone is so used to see computer-generated effects these days, it was a surprise to see old fashioned time lapse and makeup based effects.

Many short films use humour as means to convey their message. This movie succeeds more than most of the films I have seen lately in this regard.

Rating: 8/10

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