Director: Nash Edgerton

Tagline: A wild ride…

A man regains consciousness to find that he is bound and gagged in the boot of a speeding car. He manages to untie himself, pop the boot and finds that the car is speeding along with no driver. After a spectacular climb over the roof he manages to get into the driver’s seat and stops the car. Whoops!

This is a very visually exciting and entertaining short. The stunts and special effects are of a standard you would usually expect from a major blockbuster and it is also shot very well.

Being such a car-oriented shot, it reminded me a lot of the Mad Max movies.

It was also surprising to learn that the main star of the movie was also the director.

This is sort of similar to the director of Mad Max as George Miller smashed up his own car filming one of the stunts in that movie.

I am sure you will be seeing more work from this director in the future and I will be looking forward to it myself.

Rating: 9/10

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