Little Noel Wants to Fly (2002)

Director: Nassiem Varamones

Tagline: “I collect bullets, knives, toy soldiers…and stamps”

Noel wants to join the army so he can fly a FA-18 fighter jet and blow things up.

We follow his adventures as he tells us about himself and his attempt to enter the army.

This is very visually striking movie. I liked the opening titles that used various easily recognisable graphic symbols and the red and white title cards in a bold font that flashed up between each scene.

As the scenes are really short, I thought it did a good job showing the different characters. To get to know them so quickly, of course their personalties would have to be a bit exaggerated. I think it suits the style of the film really well.

They include Noel’s brother who thinks he is a rapper, Noel’s head-banging rock ’n’ roll friend and an elderly neighbour who tells good stories about the war (cameo appearance by Reg Gorman.)

As there are many different scenes in the movie, the director had the opportunity to play around with the lighting and cinematography for each scene. This results in each scene being very unique and memorable.

I thought the writing was great with funny incidents through the movie. Some examples include the army admission tests, the Paddle-Pop cross for the goldfish and Noel reading poetry to ducks.

This is a very short and sweet film, but it was also very funny and enjoyable.

I have recently discovered that ABC TV in Australia airs short films on a Sunday afternoon, so hopefully this film may turn up there in the future.

Rating: 8/10

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