Late (2005)

Director: Nathan Stone

Tagline: There’s a reason I buy DVDs now…

A bloke on his final warning from the video store is determined to get back his overnight rental in time, no matter what the cost.

I liked this film as it is very exaggerated, but also very funny. Who hasn’t wanted to punch out an annoying door to door salesperson at one time or another? Also the small touches such as the dog that kept eating the kid’s lunch were great too.

The special effects of the big car pile up and explosion where a bit fake looking, but they suited the style of the rest of the short. It is great to see that this sort of technology is now available to the average short filmmaker. People should have less excuse for not being as imaginative now.

I thought the main character was very selfish, but you are not really meant to over analyse the story in this case. Overall, this was a very funny short and is well worth your time.

Rating: 8/10

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