Katabah (Matchmaker) (2004)

Director: Ridwan Hassin

Tagline: A matchmaking service with a difference…

In an unnamed Middle Eastern country, a girl goes to see a matchmaker for some nefarious dealings. For some reason all the photos of men have them posing in front of their cars, but it doesn’t really turn out how you would expect…

I liked how the movie had the characters speaking with Australian accents, but also had French subtitles. For those of your who are confused by this, movies in most Middle Eastern countries often have French subtitles for some ethnographic or distributional reason I am unaware of. At least that is what someone who used in live in the region told me once.

The settings and costumes are really great. Even though the movie was shot in Australia, it really does look like it is set in one of the countries it describes.

The main character’s face is almost completely covered for most of the movie. I think the actor does a really great job conveying the characters reactions and emotions with just her eyes and voice.

I also liked how it used humour to convey a serious message. It was really a surprise when it revealed this as the movie played with your perceptions, making you think the character was really looking for something else.

Some people may be confused by this movie and pass it off. I thought it was really well put together and is worth your time to watch.

Rating: 7/10

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