Jake Ramsey & The Vampire Arcanum

Director: Daniel Ingelse

Tagline: Dracula vs. Gumshoe

When a woman is murdered in mysterious circumstances, detective Jake Ramsey investigates and finds the unbelievable. Of course, he is taken off the case when he tells his story and it is given to a bitter rival. He is still determined to solve the mystery however and decides to go it alone.

This short is a tribute to the classic detective stories of the 1950’s and is shot in a faux film noir style. I thought it achieved this effect very well and the special effects were quite well done.

I also enjoyed how various locations around Melbourne were used quite effectively as stand-ins for the typical places you would find in one of the films of the era. I particularly liked the 50’s diner as I have walked past that restaurant quite a bit, but I have never been inside.

The acting was nicely overplayed too, with ridiculous American accents and heaps of corny lines in keeping with the characters. Best of all was the vampire who was extremely campy (I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

This film was very popular at the screening as the cast and crew were there lending their support and cheering throughout. I would recommend this to every local film maker if they can manage it. It helped make the screening special and everyone in the audience seemed to enjoy it more.

Rating: 8/10

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