I suppose I had it coming (2003)

Director: Declan Mortimer Eipper

Tagline: A twisted love story

When the masochistic organ courier, Ed, sells a heart on the black market, he finds himself in hot water. Lying in a pool of his own blood he recounts that he had it coming all along. Although very dark, this movie also had some really funny moments. The flashback scenes where Ed is describing how his childhood influenced his choice of lifestyle are funny and horrifying at the same time (his brother was a sadist.)

The scenes the audience reacted the most to where when Ed is deliberately trying to hurt himself involving such things as mousetraps on the kitchen floor, freaking out muggers and pissing on another bloke at the urinal.

I thought the way they introduced the character of Helen was really funny also. It was a bit confusing though as I couldn't work out whether it was meant to be in the nightclub where Ed first met her, or if they had gone out there. Yes, I know having the sadist character turn out to be a police officer has been done before (most notably in 'Tamala 2010 a Punk Cat in Space' with its gay sadist leather man police dog), but this time it was played for laughs a bit more. It also proves that nothing is sexier than a pair of high heels digging into the back of your hand on the dance floor.

The only thing that didn't really come off that well in this movie was the set up of the black market organ buyers and the over the top violence in some scenes. Still, that is only a small part of this movie and the rest of it worked very well.

Rating: 7/10

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