I never loved you (2003)

Director: Cassandra Tytler

Tagline: Lights! Camera! Emotional breakdown!

A man trying to come to terms with his girlfriend leaving him remembers his childhood how he has never been loved. What make the scenario different to your usual lost love story, is the perfect story book setting and the various song and dance numbers throughout the story. There are occasional flashes or reality, but mostly it seems to be an internal story of the one character.

I thought the sets and costumes where excellent. The small interior sets are particularly well done as they match the feelings of the characters and help you understand what they are going through (I liked the red set that the man trashes.)

All the costumes were top class, I particularly liked the woman’s dresses and the outfits worn by the dancing girls. The film wouldn’t have worked if as well if everyone was just wearing their normal clothes.

The original score and songs in the film are also worthy of note as it is very difficult to write a song and get it to match a setting. I am pleased that I recognised some of the musicians involved with this production also.

I recommend this film if you want to see something different from the usual angst-ridden stuff and that does not follow the usual short film conventions - no twist ending for a start.

Rating: 8/10

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