In Estate

Director: Tony De Pasquale

Tagline: Position, position, position…in hell!

An arsehole real estate agent (Marcus Graham) is out jogging one evening when he comes across a mysterious housing estate. Not long after he is knocked down by a demon car and chased through the gates.

Waking up in the harsh sunlight, he is stripped by the mad inhabitants. He tries to escape but finds that time and space wrap around, making it impossible.

Feeling defeated, he retreats to an abandoned house. We he awakes he finds a man roasting vermin over the fire who has a plan to escape. Will it work or not?

I enjoyed this movie as it is refreshing to see a straight dramatic horror themed movie once in a while. I particularly liked how there were no cute quirky twists people use to try and make their shorts stand out.

The characters are very believable and react to situations the way you think they would.

The special effects were also great and it is excellent to see short film producers making more effort in this regard.

It also makes a big difference when directors use professional actors in this short as the quality is much better. I am aware of the other work the actors in this particular short have done, and this is a great addition to their repertoire.

Hopefully this short will turn up as part of a horror or science fiction themed screening night near you and I would recommend it in this case. Failing that, it may inspire other short filmmakers to make more genre based films.

Rating: 9/10

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