But what about the revolutionary George Pocket? (2005)

Director: Jules Nemich

Tagline: It’s a raincoat, but it fits in my pocket!

George invents a pocket raincoat, but he is fired when the company goes out of business. He hatches a plan to infect umbrellas with Anthrax, but a strange woman steals his umbrella. When he knocks on the door of her flat, she agrees to let him come in, but threatens to blind him with fly spray at any time. Will he get his umbrella back or not?

This was a good movie, but it was also very strange which I liked quite a bit.

The acting seemed to be really harsh and sharp to suit the mood of the short and made it a lot funnier.

I enjoyed the advertising jingles at the start and the end of the film also. These once used to be more common with advertisers, but clients these days seem to mainly want sound-alike songs in their ads from the latest music.

The production design of the short was unique also. For the first scene there seemed to be a lot of plastic sheeting around, a theme that repeats itself throughout the movie.

I thought the interior of the mad woman’s flat was great also with all the umbrellas lying around.

Special mention must also go to the fake newscast which I enjoyed as I am a fan of fake newscasts and pretend newspapers. Those of you in the city of Melbourne get to enjoy a fake newspaper on the train home every day, it’s called MX…

Rating: 9/10

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