Animators: Adam Parton, Kelly Lynagh, JC Reyes, Ann-Marie Delham & Adam Duncan

Tagline: Frankenstein Fried Chicken

A young chick grows up in the country wanting to become the ‘Crispy Aussie Chook’ that he sees on the billboard. He finally gets to the factory, only to be taken award for modifications.

They turn out to be a failure and he is abandoned in a warehouse. He is rescued by a rat who is trying to stop the mad cows turned into nuggets and shipped out to the children’s hospital. We follow their exciting adventures as they chase the truck and try to stop it reaching the kids.

The thing that most stands out about this movie, is that the artwork and animation are really sharp and crisp. Hopefully this group will produce more work in the future as the quality of work in this movie is excellent.

As I said above, some of the artwork shown in this film is stunning. In particular some of the heavily stylised and striking scenes, as shown in the factory of the shadowy ‘CAC’ company executives. If they became available I would consider buying a framed copy of some of the artwork.

This film reminded me of the stop motion movie Ward 13. It also has a big chase sequence and some of the situations are similar. This is good though as I really enjoyed that movie.

The actors doing the voices sounded quite familiar and they did an excellent job in their roles. My favourite voice was the stock handler who sounded a lot like John Howard, that I found hilarious.

The ending of this movie seemed to set up the possibility of a continuing series with the same characters. I really hope they make more in the series as I enjoyed this movie tons.

Rating: 10/10

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