Everything Goes

Director: Andrew Kotatko

Tagline: The ultimate garage sale

In the aftermath of a bitter divorce, a middle-aged man (Hugo Weaving) decides to move all his furniture to the front yard so he can get rid of it.

What is surprising about this is that he runs power leads back into the house and annoys and shocks the neighbours by carrying out his private life in full view.

One day while he is down the street, a young couple (including Abbie Cornish) pulls

up in a ute looking for furniture for their first home. The woman likes the bed and has a sleep while her partner looks around for the owner.

They hit if off with the owner of the furniture and end up drinking together. Afterwards in their newly furnished house it is clear that the woman’s partner is bitter about the whole experience as he thinks something happened between the man they met and his partner.

This short is everything I have come to expect from great short film making in Australia. It has a great story, is really well shot, has excellent subdued music and great performances.

One of my friends who attended the screening, expressed surprise that Hugo Weaving would work in something like this after starring in such high profile roles in Hollywood blockbusters. There has to be something that the actors would get from working on a small production that they don’t get from working on a bigger project or they wouldn’t do it.

The story is also something that would not have worked in a longer feature, but it is perfect here as you don’t need to know much about what went before.

It will be interesting to see if Hugo Weaving and Abbie Cornish work together again as they played off each other well here and I am looking forward to see what they each do in the future.

Rating: 8/10

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