Dijinungs Koorngees (Footprints in the Mud)

Animators: Fraymework

Tagline: An Australian story of creation

This short tells the Wurundjeri people’s story of creation which is quite similar to the Christian story of Adam and Eve just by coincidence. It is told in their language, but it is easy enough to follow visually.

I thought the animation was really great. It is computer animated, but it uses bright colours in solid blocks in a way that makes it look like it is painted.

The way the story is set up was also good. It had a man telling two children the story by the fire and his words coming to life.

The main characters in the movie as well as the first people are the wedge-tailed eagle and the fruit bat that bring them to life. I thought the characters were very well realised and seemed to fit in well with their environment.

I have seen a few Aboriginal Dreamtime stories in animated form and I always enjoy them. This was the first time I have seen one from Victoria and I will be looking forward to seeing more in the future.

Rating: 8/10

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