Decent, Generous, Tolerant, Open Minded (White) People

Director: Katrina Sawyer

Tagline: These neighbours are not good friends

At first this documentary just looks like an excuse to criticize the TV soap Neighbours. The real purpose of using it as the main focus of the documentary is to provide a hook so that people who normally wouldn’t listen to opinions on the treatment of Kooris in Victoria and asylum seekers will take notice.

I liked how they showed an introductory clip from a show in the same style as Neighbours (they couldn’t get footage from the actual show), as it helped establish what they were talking about.

I had heard stories from a person who went to England and the teller wouldn’t let them open their new bank account until they had told them all the upcoming plot lines for the show, but I didn’t realise that Neighbours was the only thing many people from overseas knew about Australia.

The people talking in the documentary are a mix of academics, actors (such as Rachel Maza) and community workers. I would have liked to see someone from the show giving their opinion, but you can go to the Museum of Victoria to see the exhibit if you want a general idea.

While the issues raised about the treatment of Koori people in Victoria after white settlement were well covered, I have no idea why the director decided to include the part on refugees. While it is an important issue, it is also a very complex one and can’t really be covered in the five minutes they give it here.

Rating: 7/10

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