Dentally Disturbed (2004)

Director: Craig Melville & Cameron Mitchell

Tagline: Sometimes there’s a reason you can’t find something, sometimes not

One day a man is shopping with his girlfriend and tries to buy some dental floss, only to be told they have no idea what he is talking about. He is sure he has bought it before. It is if someone has pressed a button on the universe and not told him.

We follow the man’s increasingly desperate search for dental floss, as he tries to convince people of its existence and eventually resorts to making it himself.

I thought the main performance from the main character was great. It would have been easy to overdo it, as he had to play at being obsessed and slightly mad. Under the circumstances it is easy to believe he would go to those lengths to prove something exists.

The cameos by Damian Callinan as the store assistant and John Saffran as the radio shock jock were nicely done and added to the movie. The company Oral B also features in the movie, which is a nice touch.

The lighting and cinematography stood out and helped make this movie unique. This is particularly noticeable in the supermarket scene and the appearance of

John Saffran.

I thought the writing was great and wasn’t overdone. Just when you think it is over, it leaves the story open to continue.

This movie seemed to be a crowd favourite in the screening and not just because of the cameos. I highly recommend this movie if you can get a chance to see it.

Rating: 8/10

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