Coober: A Desert Speedway Story (2007)

Director: Caro MacDonald, Tanya Curnow

Tagline: Spun-out before the line

Proving that you don’t have to show an actual event to have a story, this documentary shows the outback life and characters of Coober Pedy gearing up to hold a speedway track race that doesn’t end up going ahead due to a lack of competitors.

There were all the scenes of the desert and town you would expect, although the film makers decided to stay above ground this time and concentrated on the people involved.

Everyone involved seems to say it is tougher than it used to be to live out in the desert, but many of them wouldn’t live anywhere else given the chance.

Not having the race in the end does make this film different to other documentaries about racing and hopefully they managed to get the race going another time.

Rating: 6/10

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