Cheap Seats

Director: Phillip Donellon

Starring: Barry Otto, Reg Gorman

Tagline: A touch too whimsical for me

A young boy who can’t afford to get into the circus, so he sneaks in and sits under the grandstand. The old clown (Barry Otto), see the boy and performs a special show just for him.

This short was just too whimsical for me. Much like a Leunig cartoon or a sappy greeting card, they seem to be trying to hard to make it soft and emotional.

I did like the authentic circus setting however and the bitter old ringmaster

(Reg Gorman) was very good.

It doesn’t really matter what I thought about this short in the end as it will probably do well in its target audience of Sunday afternoon on the ABC. I’ll be at the pub watching a band instead.

Rating: 6/10

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