Director: Dave Glass/Andrew Murphy

Tagline: Can’t by name, can’t by nature…stop hitting me!

In this short, but hilarious movie a man tries increasingly desperate methods to open a stubborn can of spaghetti with little success.

I really enjoyed the different ways the main character tries to open the can.

He reminded me quite a bit of Wile Coyote and there was even a reference to dropping a safe on someone (a classic cartoon game.)

While many shorts have a twist ending, in this one the twist was the whole premise of the film itself. Most people wouldn’t go to so much trouble just to open the one can of something, so it makes it funnier to watch.

This movie is the perfect length to fit into an ad-break on commercial TV, but it’s a pity no one has had this idea yet. 30 seconds of pre-dawn ad-time on commercial TV can sell for as little as $50 according to one of my sources…

Rating: 8/10

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