The Bowerbird (2003)

Director: Sarah Davies

Tagline: Not everything should be collected…

A human bowerbird finds a young mother and her child at the tip whilst scrounging for more things to decorate his bower. After taking them home, he falls in love with the woman and they plan to get married. She doesn’t relish the thought of being permanently on display however…

This is a visually splendid movie and even though it doesn’t have any dialog, the characters are very expressive and communicate their feelings in other ways. I really enjoyed the sets and how there were different sections of the main room in the bower – red, blue, yellow and white with a variety of different objects in them as you would expect if they were collected.

The costumes were great also, especially that of the main character who colour-coordinated his entire outfit with whatever part of the room he felt like sitting in that day. I thought the peacock feathers in his hat were a nice touch and finished off his outfit perfectly.

I also thought the music was excellent all round, especially that used in the wedding scene with the band playing along with the action and entertaining the guests.

What I liked most about this movie was that it packed so much into such a short time. Many other films have similar elements, but they try to stretch them out to make a feature length movie and it doesn’t work so well. In contrast the story and pacing of this short were perfect which made it great to watch.

Rating: 9/10

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