Boundless (2009)

Director: Stephen Kanrais

Tagline: Job-hunting is hard at the best of times

One day Craig, a man in his 30s with Downs Syndrome decides to drive his parents’ car just to see if he can. He manages to get out of the drive, but manages to wipe out the letterbox and several cars. Later, when his Dad is repairing the damage he tells Craig he should take more responsibility for his actions, which leads Craig to making up his mind that he is going to get a job and find a way to pay back the money.

His friend Suzy comes over later to be told that he is too busy trying to work out business plans to try and get money. Next day he gets up early and dresses up in a suit, much to the surprise of Suzy who is not sure why Craig is on the wrong train platform.

In the city Craig walks around and looks professional, turning up in an office for an interview. The receptionist advises him against trying to get the job, but he is dead set on it, will he get it or not?

What I liked about this short is most documentaries or stories involving people with intellectual disabilities impose the story on the participants either via narration or having someone else to tell the story. In this case it was up to Craig himself to tell his own story and even if it doesn’t turn out the way he plans, at least it is him doing it.

A nice short with a good story and interesting characters, hopefully the actors involved go on to do more work and this film gets a wider audience.

Rating: 7/10

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