Blue Tongue

Director: Justin Kurzel

Tagline: Strange estate

Set in the outer suburban wasteland of a housing estate under construction this short examines in incident between a young boy and girl and the strange beginnings of love.

Seeing once productive farmland or hardworking factory turned into housing is always depressing. In particular when the houses are half built and there is no one working on them it becomes a very strange environment (as was also shown in the horror short ‘In Estate’.)

You can almost hear the chirping of cicadas in the long grass, the hum of the high voltage power lines and feel the chill of the wind blowing across the wastes when the boy and girl have their secret meeting.

We don’t really know their age, but I would guess there are in Grade 5 or 6 at primary school. This is young enough to still have a relationship in a ‘puppy love’ way, but old enough for them to start finding things out on their own. It is still extremely strange the way they act towards each other though.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to see this short, but it is interesting enough to maintain your interest if you manage to see it.

Rating: 7/10

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