Tim's Australian Movie Reviews

Director: Darcy Yuille

Tagline: 70's Australian road movie without muscle cars

It's the 1970s and a spirit of excitement is in the air.

The Whitlam government has just purchased the Jackson Pollock painting Blue Poles, hippies are congregating around Nimbin and everyone is optimistic for the future. Queensland farm boy Miles (Sam Worthington) picks up hippy chick Libby (Hallie Shellam) after she ditches her friends after getting mixed up in a bad situation. In the course of their drive south the two become good friends and you probably know how the story goes.

This movie wouldn't have worked so well if it wasn't for the great performances of the two leads. I liked how Miles is portrayed as very thoughtful and considerate even though he grew up in a rural environment. The character of Libby is also great as we get to see her talking about her beliefs (a funny montage) and how she has problems coming to terms with her lifestyle.

Even though it is mainly a road movie, when the action stops it is still very enjoyable. My favourite scene was when Libby gives Miles a joint and assures him he will be "OK to drive" - smoke fills the air and they crash into a cornfield laughing. This joke may have been done to death with Cheech and Chong, but in this movie there is a serious scene following it.

While I admit I don't know much about relationships, the one between Miles and Libby seemed to be very believable. There was a very good contrast in one scene where they show a happily married couple running a service station.

Something else that I have just remembered is that Jackson Pollock died in a car accident, so naming a road movie after his most famous work seems a bit peculiar.

Probably the best thing about this movie is that it managed to have a very involved story with characters you care about in such a short space of time. It doesn't really have the traditional happy ending, but you can't have that all the time.

Rating: 8/10

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