Atomic Spitballs (2004)

Director: Brett Anstey

Tagline: Classic 50’s sci-fi parody

Set in 1950’s small town America, this movie follows our hero as he tries to convince his friends about the impending invasion of communist aliens that are after his sideburns.

Even if you have only seen shorts clips or poster art from any 1950’s science fiction movies you will know how this movie goes. For added effect it is shot in

black and white and much like the Lost Skeleton of Cadavara has its own ‘vision’ to describe the cinematography.

The set up of Daddy-O’s diner is quite well done and the costumes, sets and locations all look very authentic.

The actors play it straight, which makes for some funny scenes like the main protagonist trying to narrate a flashback sequence while still chewing on a burger.

The woman who played the girlfriend of the main character looked familiar for some reason.

The aliens are like every bad science fiction movie you have seen rolled up into one film. This is a good thing as it ads to the authenticity. There is some CGI used for the alien special effects (like the car chase and alien brain), but it blends in well as it is in black & white.

As I have a big box set of bad science fiction movies at home I really enjoyed this movie. Even if you aren’t really into the genre I would still recommend it as a well done comedy piece.

If you are wondering where the ‘atomic spitball’ reference in the title comes from it features in a bad old movie called Giant Claw:

"That bird is extraterrestrial, it comes from outer space. From some Godforsaken antimatter galaxy millions and millions of light years from the Earth."

Rating: 8/10

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